Money Tree Grove

What could be better than one Money Tree? How about an entire grove! We took three of these popular braided bonsai plants and gathered them into a high-fire ceramic planter. The unique trunk gives this lush green variety its unique appeal. Each stem typically features five to seven glossy green leaves, creating a delightful mini-umbrella shape. Easy-to-care for both indoors and out, it’s a gift anyone can enjoy. Add to their gift with a calming jade wind chime from the masters at Woodstock Chimes. "The money tree signifies good fortune, so I think its the perfect choice for a housewarming or to say congratulations!" -Danielle C., Merchandising.n3 braided money trees with five to seven beautiful glossy-green plume-like leaves on each stem in a white ceramic planterBonsai trunks have been expertly trained and braided; continue to grow as plaitedHardy, easy to care for, survives in both direct sun or low light, with occasional or frequent watering--indoors or outEach bonsai measures 14"-18”H x 12”-16"W x 10”-14”LHigh-fired ceramic container measures 6"L x 4"WPlanter size and color may varyn nAdd to their gift:nMini wind chime by Woodstock Chimes features a jade stone on the bottom hanger; measures 12” Ln  Great for Everyday