Question #1:

What is

Answer: allows you to search leading gift websites from one site and to compare and browse a large variety of products within your budget. 

Question #2:

Does it cost anything to use


No. it is entirely free to use

Question #3: 

Do you ship products?


No. functions as a gift basket search engine for specific websites. Upon clicking on a product, a user is redirected to purchase the product on its native website.  

Question #5: 

Why are some products unavailable?


On rare occasions, a product may be out of stock or discontinued. On rare occasions, this may not yet be reflected in the databases from which we pull our partners' products from.

Question #6: 

What is the difference between your "Wishlist" and "History" features?


A user's Wishlist saves the products a user intends to or wishes to purchase in the future. A user's history records products which a user clicked "Buy" for. It is intended to record a user's purchase history in the event a user wishes to repurchase the same product again.